Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Coupons

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Coupons

There are some awesome deals this week on toilet paper and paper towels. When the SHTF, you’ll want to have lots. In my normal life, I don’t use many paper towels — I’ve switched mainly to these very nice microfiber towels instead (I use the blue ones for bathroom tasks, yellow for dusting, green for kitchen cleaning).

However, I realized that should we face a prolonged power outage, I’m going to grab paper towels first because I’ll want to limit the number of hand-washed loads of laundry. So I recently started stocking up on paper towels.

And while I have over 300 rolls of TP, that will only get us through 6 months – and I want a year on hand at any point. So, I’m adding another case (perhaps the Cottonelle) to my stock this week.

Enjoy and remember that these are updated daily and can expire at any time. So come back before you make a purchase so you can save some precious $ – and if the Amazon coupon is perfect for your current needs, use it now before Amazon expires it.

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